Are Watches Obsolete? Imitation Watches VS Phone

People now rely more and more on smartphones. Wherever you go, people have to bring their mobile phones. We are now in the era of smart phones. It is common to watch time on a mobile phone. Since mobile phones can watch time, why would anyone still wear imitation watches? Is the wrist watch obsolete already?

People who think watches obsolete just see the most superficial watch function. They only know that watches can provide time. Yes, the watch can of course tell the time, but it can not only tell the time. Imitation watches are a practical tool, but also an impression, an attitude, a taste, a confidence, a collection value and an emotional sustenance.


We need to know the time everywhere. Both the imitation  watch and the phone can tell you the specific time. But not all locations can view the phone. For example, during a meeting. When your leader is speaking, if you take the phone out of your pocket to confirm the time, you will leave a bad impression on your boss. Another example is the first date between you and the person you like. So the habit of frequently checking the phone is not good. But if you just look up and watch your wrist watch, this simple process will not affect the atmosphere of the meeting or appointment. It can even reflect the maturity of a man or the charm and temperament of a woman.


I think people who wear watches will pay more attention to time. In particular, workers in the workplace need to have a concept of time. Watches can prove a person’s attitude of keeping time. When you talk to customers, it also reflects your respect for customers. Of course, the wrist watch can also convey your attitude to strangers.


Imitation watches are a manifestation of taste. Different brands, different history, different designs and different materials all reflect the different tastes of the wearer. Compared with the tacky gold bracelet, the watch looks more stylish. For men, this is the best accessory. For ladies, watches are more able to show the charm of a woman.

Watches are like clothes, and different styles of watches should be worn on different occasions. Sportswear is paired with a chronograph, fashionable clothes are paired with a stylish watch, and suits are paired with an elegant watch. Because the watch not only shows the wealth status of the owner, but also shows the unique taste of the owner. So everyone likes to choose luxury replica Rolex watches at

Collection Value

Many watches have collection value. Many watches will bring you extra income, just like art. The hottest of these two years is imitation Rolex Submariner 116610LV. It is not only luxury imitation watches that have collection value, and the value of Casio has been rising in the past two years. But the most collectible watch is Rolex. At least it won’t make you lose money.

Emotional Sustenance

For some people, the watch represents an emotion. A watch can accompany a person’s life. For example, Rolex Daytona accompanied Paul Newman’s life. Every time he races, he will wear the watch his wife gave him. So the watch can be an emotional sustenance, or it can be your motivation. Since ancient times, we all like to look at things and think of people. Then the watch is just this thing.

The watch is not only as simple as looking at the time, but also has many benefits. The meaning of wearing a watch is not only many but also very important. But the meaning inside the watch can only be felt by the person wearing the watch. Of course, you do n’t have to pursue brand and value, you just need to find something that suits you. You can also buy imitation watches online.

Fake Patek Philippe Limited 175th Edition 5575G Watch

Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G fake

When you look at the night sky, some watch enthusiasts will think of the watch related to the sky. That’s right, presenting the night sky on the watch is also a big selling point of the watch industry today. If you wear a starry dial watch, you can see the starry sky without looking up. When it comes to star watches, we must mention the special limited edition of luxurious fake Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G fake

Birth Time

2014 is the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe 1839. To commemorate this special day, Patek Philippe released a lot of excellent watches. One of them is the fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G. This is a limited edition luxury watch. There are only 1,300 watches in total.


Patek Philippe fake World Time Moon 5575G

Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G combines the spirit and romance of world travel. It pairs with world time in a unique way. This is an innovative way to display the phase of the moon. There are two rotatable dials on the dial. The outer dial cross lists 24 place names. On the right is the eastern city. On the left is the western city. The internal dial shows the 24 hours corresponding to each area. White represents day and black represents night. The hour hand is specially designed into the shape of a hollow star, which highlights the grand theme of the starry sky.

Moon Phase

The moon phase of the fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G is located in the center of the dial. The moon system consists of two thin disks stacked on top of each other. The bottom disk is a beautiful night sky. It contains a very detailed and large moon. This starry sky disk returns to its original position every 29.53 days. The second disk is a static disk. It is a mask that exposes only the visible part of the moon.


fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G

Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G has a round 39.8MM white gold dial. To prove that this is a limited 175th watch. The caseback is printed with the text “PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE 175e Anniversaire 1839 – 2014”. Matching the black dial, this fake watch has a black alligator strap. In addition, the buckle is made of gold.

Fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G designed the moon phase, starry sky and other elements on the dial, giving a mysterious beauty. Since the development of fake Patek Philippe, the star watch has become an integral part of the brand.