Fake Rolex Strap Introduction And Matching Suggestions

In addition to the dial, bezel, and case of a watch, the most important thing is the bracelet. A watch without a bracelet is a pocket watch, not a wristwatch. So the bracelet is an essential component of a watch. The fake Rolex brand watches have a total of 7 bracelets, let’s meet in order of birth.

Rolex Leather Strap

fake Rolex Leather Strap

In fact, Rolex’s first watch came with a leather strap. But with the birth of various tool watches later, the weight of metal bracelets is getting higher and higher. At present, Rolex leather straps generally only appear on formal watches, such as Cellini. Paired with a leather strap is a gold foldable Crownclasp buckle. The Crownclasp buckle easily adjusts the strap length to fit the wrist. And it has a high degree of security.

There are many colors of leather straps. Common are black, brown, chocolate, and blue. Now, the leather watch also enters the series of various watches. For example, Sky-Dweller, Daytona, Day-Date, and Datejust all have watched with leather straps.

The leather strap is younger, with a wide range of options, and easier to match. The leather strap is not only suitable for formal business wear, but also casual wear. For people with a pale skin tone, there are not many contraindications for strap selection. People with darker skin tones can better control the generous white leather strap.

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

fake Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

In 1945, Rolex survived the Datejust watch in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. At the same time, the new bracelet style first appeared-Rolex Jubilee bracelet. The Jubilee Bracelet is a five-piece link metal bracelet. The larger links on the left and right sides surround the smaller central links in the middle three rows. Each link has a semi-circular shape. Paired with a Jubilee bracelet is a hidden crown or an oyster clasp.

Today, Jubilee bracelets can be seen in every size of Rolex Datejust watch. Beginning in 2018, the Jubilee Bracelet is dedicated to the stainless steel version of fake Rolex GMT-Master II.

Among metal bracelets, Jubilee bracelets are the most comfortable to wear. Those who seek value for money and comfort give priority to fake Rolex Jubilee bracelets.

Rolex Oyster Bracelet

fake Rolex Oyster Bracelet

In 1947, Rolex filed a patent for a new bracelet called Oyster. The following year, the Rolex Oyster bracelet was officially launched to the market. The Oyster bracelet is a three-piece link metal bracelet. The finer links on the left and right contain a row of wider links. Each link of the Oyster bracelet is flat. The most important thing is that the Oyster bracelet can be used with all types of Rolex clasps, even extended buckles for diving watches.

Oyster bracelets are now the most common bracelets in fake Rolex watches. He can also adapt to watches of all sizes. Then, a variety of metal materials appeared in the oyster bracelet. In addition to the most common 904L stainless steel oyster bracelets, there are also 18k yellow, 18k white and 18k Everose rose gold or a combination of materials.

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet is very reliable and is a metal bracelet for sports.

Rolex President Bracelet

fake Rolex President Bracelet

In 1956, the Rolex President bracelet appeared with Day-Date. The presidential bracelet is also a three-piece link metal bracelet. The left and right rows of smaller semicircular links surround a row of larger semicircular links. The presidential bracelet is the most characteristic bracelet in the fake Rolex bracelet. Because it is only made of precious metals (gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum). Even the center link of some presidential bracelets also added diamonds.

Luxury presidential bracelets always have hidden foldable Crownclasp buckles. So far, presidential bracelets have only appeared on the Day-Date collection and some Lady-Datejust models. Therefore, those Lady-Datejust watches with presidential bracelets are also called Lady President.

Rolex Integrated Bracelet

fake Rolex Integrated Bracelet

In 1977, Rolex launched a series of Oysterquartz watches using a quartz movement. These uniquely shaped Oysterquartz watches use Rolex integrated bracelets. The integrated bracelet is also a three-piece link metal bracelet. The finer links on the left and right contain a row of wider links. Each link is trapezoidal, so the closer to the buckle, the thinner the chain. The integrated bracelet makes the Oyster quartz watch unique.

Rolex Pearlmaster Bracelet

fake Rolex Pearlmaster Bracelet

The Rolex Pearlmaster bracelet debuted in 1992. The Pearlmaster bracelet is a five-piece link metal bracelet. Its chain links are more complicated, with a total of three forms. From outside to inside, the links are getting thicker. Although each link has a different size, it is flat.

Pearlmaster bracelets only appear in luxury jewelry watches. This also means that owning a Pearlmaster bracelet has a different number of diamonds or gems. The Pearlmaster bracelet is always fitted with a hidden Crownclasp buckle. Rolex released several special editions Day-Date “Masterpiece” watches in 2020, these fake watches use Pearlmaster bracelets. So the Pearlmaster bracelet is also called the Masterpiece bracelet.

President bracelets and Pearlmaster bracelets are the best manifestations of status. The metal bracelet has a strong luster and is relatively textured. Metal bracelets are more suitable for formal business wear. People with fair skin tone wear metal bracelets to make the skin shinier.

Rolex Oysterflex Rubber Bracelet

fake Rolex Oysterflex Rubber Bracelet

Oysterflex rubber bracelet is the latest fake Rolex strap. Oysterflex rubber bracelets debuted in 2015. It was paired with the Everose Yacht-Master at the time. Although the exterior of the Oysterflex bracelet is rubber, it contains a metal bracelet core made of titanium and nickel alloys. This means that Oysterflex is as strong as metal and as soft as rubber. Oysterflex rubber bracelets have always appeared in combination with Oysterlock gold safety buckles. So far, we have only seen the gold version of the Daytona with the Oysterflex bracelet and the gold version of the Yacht-Master.

Although the leather strap is more versatile, if you want to survive in harsh environments (rainy, snowy), you still need a metal bracelet. It is also better to choose a metal bracelet when traveling. For example, when surfing the beach you can only choose a metal bracelet because the leather strap is not waterproof.

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